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What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil is a high-quality product which contains the full range of cannabinoids terpenes and flavonoids. 

Cannabidiol CBD is a resin gland that grows on the hemp flower, stem and leaves called trichomes.  The resin is extracted with various methods, CO2 extraction being the most common. A sticky paste similar to honey is formed when removed from a hemp plant flower.

The contents contain naturally occurring plant compounds, everything the plant produces in its natural process. The paste is then diluted with Hemp seed oil: CBD ratio and labelled as MG of CBD per bottle. Hemp oils or full spectrum CBD oil is the finished product.

  • Plant science suggests full spectrum CBD oil contains over 100 active cannabinoids in cannabis Sativa plants, they include CBDa, CBC, CBG and THC. One would assume that they hold different properties. We know ∆9-THC is psychoactive and CBD appears to mitigate some of the effects. High CBD: THC ratios have been less likely to induce anxiety and vice versa.
  • Terpenes – terpenoids give hemp the aroma. Essential oils derived from flowers also contain terpenes. Essential oils offer benefits when heated on a burner or massaged into the skin, Hemp terpenes offer similar benefits.
  •  Flavonoids are what give plants their colour. beneficial for the brain, eye, and mental health, and helps with inflammation and viral infections.

What is the entourage effect?

The use of the whole plant produces greater effects than individual parts. With each part having a specific purpose individually you must assume synergy as a whole.

What causes the entourage effect? Whole plant-based Full spectrum CBD oil. The theory is that all cannabinoids work together in harmony.

What does the entourage effect feel like? When the whole plant works in harmony your body works in harmony, thus achieving homeostasis.

The benefits of CBD oil?


 Full-spectrum CBD oil helps support functions like Pain, Balance, Memory, Appetite, Mood, and Depression. Your body has an endocannabinoid system or ECS, Supplementation is thought to support this system. It is extremely complex and contains a nerve cell signalling system. 

CBD was legally approved for epilepsy disorders in 2018. A medicine made in the USA brought the spotlight to the hemp market. The first CBD company to prove effectiveness in treating medical conditions such as seizures.

  • Plant science studies suggest when ingested it turns into another compound, (7-OH-CBD) which helps with seizures.
  • Full Spectrum CBD oils can be used as a supplement to support our well-being. Hemp contains omegas 3/6/9 fatty acids, and proteins.
  • If you are currently on medication speak to a health care professional regarding side effects before using this supplement.

What is the difference between Full-spectrum CBD and Broad-spectrum?



The main difference is full spectrum CBD oil contains 0.2% THC and the Broad spectrum is typically THC free.


  • Full means the full range of cannabinoids, the paste contains everything the plant creates in its natural process.
  • There are three different types of CBD. The three primary extractions include: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.
  • Full Spectrum CBD oil is the most desired and is considered to be the best. It also carries the heftiest price tag.
  • This paste contains, terpenes, and flavonoids. It may be more potent and therefore superior to other types of Elixirs.
  • Typically found in Balms or candles

  • Broad spectrum CBD is typically THC free. As the name suggests contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids but not them all.
  • The hemp industry is currently in a transition period, and regulations are being made to make the industry safer for users.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD was a way for large businesses to dip their big toe into the market. Think of the broad spectrum as an insurance policy for corporations to sell without liabilities.
  • All traces of THC are removed manually. 
  • Hemp like cell phones or laptops is still very new and doesn’t have many studies regarding long-term effects.
  • Likely to be found in gummies.
  • Usually the cheaper alternative. 

  • CBD isolate is a Pure CBD crystal that is Isolated from everything else.
  • It consists of a flavourless white powder that makes it great for vaping without a strong marijuana aroma.
  • Could be better for someone with anxiety.
  • Isolate Wouldn’t be as beneficial for someone using it for aches and pains.
  • Products likely to contain isolate – CBD coffee or drinks.
  • Typically the cheapest alternative depends on the CBD brand.

How much CBD oil do I use?

how mcuh full spectrum cbd to use?
500mg CBD Oil

What does 500mg CBD Oil UK mean? CBD is Cannabidiol which is quite a mouth hence the short abbreviation 500 milligrams of the bottle

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Are all our products Full Spectrum CBD?

We offer CBD gummies – made from broad-spectrum CBD, products are typically THC free. Our 300mg gummies are vegan friendly they contain 30 CBD gummies or one month’s supply.

 We also offer CBD Vape – made from CBD distillate they are also THC free. Our CBD vape liquid contains 2000mg CBD per 50ml bottle.

CBD distillate is a refined CBD liquid, similar to broad spectrum in that it is also THC free, but not as pure as CBD isolate. The extract goes through further refining than broad spectrum, a distillation process similar to distilling alcohol. These extracts make them perfect for food and beverages as they don’t tend to have much taste or smell.

CBD Vape Collection
CBD E Liquid Vape 2000MG 50ML


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vegan cbd gummies 300mg
Vegan CBD Gummies 300mg

One month supply of Vegan

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