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Full Spectrum CBD
Michael O'Connell
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Received my products on Saturday prompt fast delivery. Amazingly priced. Ross was great in recommending the right product for my issues and talked me through what he thought was best not what would make the most money. Amazing product. Amazing team. Amazing service. Thanks guys.
Digby Wilde
Digby Wilde1 review
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Great product, great service, highly recommended ūüĎĆ
Lisa Mazumdar
Lisa Mazumdar4 reviews
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I have been using these products for about two years now, we are extremely happy with the products and all the great advice we have got from the seller. I would not use anyone else’s products and I would highly recommend the green doctors products.

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What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil is an extract from the hemp plant that contains everything the plant produces in its natural process. The hemp plant contains over 100  cannabinoids, research suggests that these compounds work better in conjunction with rather than solely this is due to the interaction of Phyto cannabinoids and terpenes called the entourage effect Р( The theory that all cannabinoids works together synergistically. )

Is broad spectrum the same as full spectrum?

Full Spectrum

  • There are different types of extractions the 3 main types are full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate which are all complelty different
  • Contain the full range of cannabinoids basically everything the plant creates in its natural process.
  • The theory that full spectrum CBD is the best based on the entourage effect. All things in nature are perfectly balanced and don’t need mans intervention adding or taking away cannabinoids.
  • It is as nature intended. Nothing added or removed
  • This formula contains all compounds, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids within the plant. It may be more potent and therefore superior to other types of Cannabidiol Elixirs¬†

Broad spectrum 

  • This oil as the name suggests contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids but not all. It is typically THC free.
  • The hemp industry are currently in a transition period, regulations are being made to make the industry safer for users.
  • Created by taking away all traces of THC.¬†
  • Broad spectrum CBD was a way for large businesses to dip¬† their big toe into the¬† market. Think of broad spectrum¬† as an insurance plan for corporations to sell¬† without the liabilities.
  • CBD like cell phones or laptops are still under researched about long term effects.


  • Isolated from every other cannabinoid, hence the term Cbd isolate.
  • Used in gummies,¬† e liquid as it binds better to the other ingredients
  • Flavourless white powder which makes it great for adding to products without the strong marijuana aroma.
  • Could be better for someone with anxiety or one who is using recreationally rather than medicinally.
  • Wouldn’t be as beneficial for someone using¬† for aches and pains.
  • A pure form containing 1 compound, CBD concentrate.

Full Spectrum CBD oil also comes in varying strengths that are measured in milligrams or percentages.

  • 500 mg¬†¬†– would be suitable for someone new who wants to experiment or someone with anxiety.
  • 1000mg¬† – great for stress relief, insomnia, and for mild aches and pains.
  • 1500mg¬†¬†– great for chronic pain or arthritis pain.
  • 500mg CBD Balm¬†– good for anxiety, insomnia and aches and pains, a good combination with ingestible oil to get the maximum benefit.

What are the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD is a hemp supplement to aid our endocannabinoid system function and help regulate pain, mood, anxiety, sleep and even skin health. Our products are Vegan friendly, full of protein, omega 3’s, fatty acids, and vitamins. Can help our bodies resist viral and bacterial infections. A natural anti inflammatory and natural pain reliever with¬†studies¬†to back up these claims.

Together with a healthy diet and lifestyle CBD can be a great supplement for your arsenal. Have you heard of ‘Juicing’ fruit and vegetables? Its basically extracting the goodness from fruit and vegetables, think of CBD Oil as a pre made hemp juice concentrate for health conscious people on the go.

The hemp plant is the most versatile plant known to man, it can reduce our carbon footprint 10 times faster than any tree, if it has that type of effect on our environment what can it do for our bodies?

How much Full Spectrum Cannabidiol should I use?

  • The Green Doctor recommends 2-5 drips first thing on an empty stomach for the first 3 days
  • ¬†Let your body adapt and adjust your dose as needs be.
  • We recommend no more than 70mg¬† per day
  • Feel free to use multiple times per day.
  • Don’t use before bed.

Will CBD show up in a drug test UK?

Cannabidiol otherwise known as CBD gets confused with THC. Workplace drug tests would be testing for Cannabis specifically THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol )

Even though our products do contain THC the amounts are so low that it is highly unlikely if you use our suggested dose that you would fail a drug test. In-fact even if you consumed the full bottle in one sitting the chances of getting a reading are still very slim.

The Green Doctors products contain under 0.2% THC, all products are compliant with UK laws, all products are registered and currently awaiting FSA approval.

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