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Est 2019: We are a small family-run business based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We specialize in Full Spectrum CBD products.

Our line started out with 3 Full Spectrum Oils and has now blossomed and matured to include, CBD OIL, Vape, Hemp Cream, and most recently Gummies and Edibles. Further products are currently being worked on by The Green Doctor and we hope to release a range of multi-vitamin and lifestyle supplements in 2022/2023.

We are now renowned within the UK and Ireland for our high-quality oil. Which according to verified purchases is the best available to buy.

Hemp products
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Is hemp legal UK?

Hemp is legal but must be a European hemp Sativa, it is also legal to grow in the UK. Again with restrictions and cultivation laws.

How to grow in the UK

Currently, you need a controlled drug domestic license for cultivating hemp. Licenses are valid for 3 years and do not include flowers and leaves.

 So why all the limitations for hemp products?

In the 1700’s Many of America’s founding fathers were advocating hemp for its benefits. It was the law that farmers must grow hemp or be fined.

It is only now, in recent times that it has been recognized again for its endless potential. However, again we are limiting the potential of hemp by restricting certain compounds and putting up barriers of ignorance.

We are living in a time of great fear, war, food shortages, and soil nutrient shortages, we are raping the world for its resources and destroying that which we all need to survive.

Hemp can save the world single handily and makes changes in as little as 3 months if planted on a wide scale.

  • The plastic pollution, hemp can make biodegradable plastic that disintegrates and feeds the earth.
  • The carbon emissions, hemp is the fastest growing plant in the world start growing hemp everywhere as it literal will grow anywhere. 
  • 1 acre of hemp can remove 10 tons of carbon from the atmosphere that’s 4 times more than trees.
  • It can fuel your car with biofuel. Each hemp seed contains 30% of oil.
  • Everything from the hemp plant is non-evasive for the environment. Think about what that also means for your body. Hemp should be included in everyone’s diet, hemp milk, hemp seeds, and hemp protein.

All we have to do is plant the seeds and nature will take care of the rest.

How CBD Oil can help?

Think of CBD oil as an on-the-go hemp product for people living a fast life wanting things smaller, faster, or easier, maybe they haven’t got time to get to the gym or make healthier choices.

  •  CBD contains all of hemp’s essence in a tiny little bottle perfect for people on the go This is called Full spectrum CBD
  • Like a freshly squeezed orange CBD is all of the goodness from hemp liquified. 
  • Everything that hemp can do for the planet it can do for you, 
  • Purify your body and senses as hemp cleanses the ozone.
  • What are the connections between humans and hemp, hemp can help certain parts of us, humans, through our endocannabinoid system. Is that just a coincidence?
  •  Hemp is a lifestyle and if it is not in your routine you are not living to your full potential.
  • The western world has separated us from nature, nature can heal us mentally and physically.
  • Our ancestors believed that eating plant-based diets gives us a deeper connection with nature.
  • Defiantly the herb of choice.

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