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Are you looking for a reputable business to buy cbd oil from? Here at the green doctor we can assure you quality CBD products at an amazing price.

I believe we are the best cbd company on the market and you should buy cbd oil from us!

We go against the grain our cbd oil is a high milligram oil, what does this mean? Simply it means per bottle our content of cbd oil is alot more than the average bottle. We use the highest quality and strongest strains possible.


Studies show low milligram cbd is ineffective.

How can I tell if my CBD oil is high quality? Well, the Green Doctor’s CBD oil is alcohol extracted, filtered and decarboxylated a revolutionary process.

 Alcohol lifts everything the plant has to offer cbd, thc and cbdn the full spectrum.

Most CBD oil available on the market is black and full of impurities and plant matter that just don’t sit well within the human body.

Gold oil is the highest possible quality CBD available.      

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Many of our competitors bananas are green, small and not mature enough to harvest and the taste can be bitter and hard because they aren’t ripe. You wouldn’t eat a green banana would you?

Just take a look at some of our reviews.

Our staff, plant harvesters/growers, producers and manufacturers, either use CBD or have a general interest in the power of the plant and we source our products from the best CBD manufacturers in the world. We have a love for the plants and a love for the job which each of us hold to make this wonderful company work.

All of The Green Doctors plants are cared for and the cbd made with love you can taste this from the final product. Are you thinking of trying CBD oil? Give us a try.

You wont regret it

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