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Cbd balm 500mg 100ml extra large tub - The best available in the UK

Love CBD Balm? We offer our products in the UK at a fraction of the cost saving you big time.

Unique formulation – Hemp balm features a high strength full spectrum blend, with hemp seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, 500mg cbd extract, vitamin e, rosemary essential oil, packed with powerful skin loving ingredients.

Our balm is made in the EU in compliance with health and safety, vegan friendly, and chemical free.

Fast acting, soothing, calming balm for pain. Tackles pain at the core, knees, shoulders, back or anywhere you are painful. Helps with fatigue and supports restful sleep pattern.

Natural anti – inflammatory properties for muscle pain can be used for muscle recovery, rips, tears, and tendons.

Light weight creamy textured and beautiful cannabis aroma, deeply moisturizing and gentle on delicate skin issues

Menthol soothing, cannabis scented,  for joints, tendons or muscle balm.  This is on a different level of anything you have tried.

What is it used for?

Cbd balm is a hemp based formula it includes hemp extract, hemp seed oil and other skin loving ingredients. Made to be applied topically on muscles, joints, tendons or even feet. It can also be used recreationally for body massage and foot rub. Cannabidiol has a relaxing effect that helps people unwind like drinking a glass of wine. You will get a beautiful deep sleep and have a spring in your step the next morning. Our balm can keep anxiety at bay, relieve pain, reduce fatigue and even keep us level headed.

It can be used as a muscle rub like deep heat, great for sciatic nerve pain, chronic pains, and arthritis and neuropathy. Unlike deep heat Cbd actually binds to receptors in our body’s which then send signals to the endocannabinoid system for pain relief. Cannabidiol affects our central nervous system positively, can help mental health issues and help promote a healthy heart

How do I apply?

Our High strength CBD Balms are applied topically to the affected site, massage into the area for 5 minutes, massage the muscle, joints and tendons. You will feel a cooling sensation from the menthol as the balm starts to penetrate the skin. 15 minutes after use you will begin to feel inflammation and pain relief.

Muscle balm are great after a workout for muscle recovery and inflammation. Think of hemp balm and bodybuilding as 2 opposites. Bodybuilding is hard core, lifting heavy. Cbd is relaxed and chilled. Mixed martial arts is black eyes and broken teeth. balms are a foot rub that relaxes you into a beautiful deep sleep. 

Some times you just have to let go, muscle balm is a great way of initiating this experience.

Pain relief balm rubbed into the balls of your feet can be a divine experience. Your feet contain over 7000 nerves in each foot. Massaging into your feet can be delightful. Nerves connect us from head to toe and feet can become hard and tight making other parts of our body’s work that bit harder stressing knees, toes, hamstrings. This can lead to muscle tears, sore joints, tendons twinges. If you would like to know How to ‘CBD foot massage‘.

It is great for anxiety release, for sleep and for pain, a muscle balm massage will be an experience you remember.

If you need any more info about laws or any other concerns please follow this link

What does it do ?

It is absorbed into your skin once applied. It can help ease physical pain and even sooth skin conditions.  A potent supplement ranking with the best, ginseng, turmeric, and black seed oil. People have the wrong idea when thinking about Hemp, think of it more like a supplement like a multivitamin than a drug, at the end of the day its a plant like most of the other supplements. A herb if you will.

Helps with pain?

For pain relief it gets to work almost instantly, offering a menthol cooling effect while the Cbd gets to work being absorbed into the skin. Attaching to local receptors it doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream like ingested oil.

How does it work?

The endocannabinoid system is a neuromodulator system that affects the central nervous system, binding to receptors and send signals to the endocannabinoid system helping relieve the pain. Helps with chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, not so much with tissue pain. It will work better in conjunction with rather than on its own

Best used for?

Inflammation , 
 Pain relief, 
 sports injuries, 
sciatic nerve pain
 these are just a few the list goes on.


  •  Our balm is one of the kind, unique, and can only be purchased from the green doctor. 
  • Super fast acting for pain relief. 
  • Skin loving ingredients which can help heal skin conditions.
  • A cool new alternative to Cbd oil.
  •  To use simply apply to the site and massage for a few minutes. 


Body Oil

Our balm contains hemp seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, 500mg cbd extract, vitamin e, rosemary essential oil, packed with powerful skin loving ingredients. When applied to the skin or heat it does in-fact turn into a CBD body oil it has a beautiful spread a little goes a long way. Great for skin conditions, it contains menthol it leaves your skin with a lovely cooling effect, i wouldn’t apply near face or eyes. Cbd body oil can be super hydrating for people who suffer with eczema.  Menthol is a known counterirritant and will help with rashes, itching, and any type of irritation.

CBD body oil works great for a massage as it offers an oily surface that stays lubricated, the CBD and other ingredients work synergistically to create a beautiful sensation when applied to skin, our cbd body oil will last a long time and you may just grow to love it over time. Beautiful scented CBD body oil a multipurpose balm.

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