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Christine Wilson

Christine Wilson

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cbd coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee can be a way of life, a daily occurrence passed down from generations, a social event like going to a bar or concert, everyone understands coffee and people implement it into their daily routine. Some need a boost of energy in the morning to get the kids to school or just to get motivated to get out of bed to face the day ahead.

We have a few reasons why you need to try CBD coffee and why it can turn your regular coffee into something a little more special.

  • CBD coffee products are trending hard especially making your own CBD coffee. This page gets over 3000 views per month so we would say the topics are pretty popular.
  • We think making your own is a better alternative than store-bought CBD-infused coffee.
  • CBD added to your coffee will not only make it taste great, but it may also have additional benefits. Let’s start with why we think you should concentrate on making your own to get the highest quality. Making your own CBD flavoured Coffee puts you in control and allows you to adjust everything to best suit you,
  • Coffee to CBD ratio,
  • Type of CBD / Coffee used,
  • Amount,
  • Most importantly temperature control. Cannabinoids don’t really like high heat.
  • The other option is coffee infused with CBD which is ground coffee with CBD Isolate infused into the beans. A powder form of CBD which only contains one compound cannabidiol.

What you need to know to get the best out of your CBD coffee

Full-spectrum oil is the best quality when it comes to CBD, it contains flavour, cannabinoids, terpenes, and all the good stuff that you don’t get in the store-bought stuff. We advise you to use the full spectrum when making your brew.

  • Boiling water and high heat can destroy your CBD. 
  • If your thing is ‘cold brew coffee’ then that’s a great way to consume CBD.
  • To remove the cannabinoids from the plant an extraction method called supercritical co2 extraction removes the cannabinoids at an extremely low temperature of 31 Degrees Celsius thus retaining flavour, cannabinoids, and terpenes.
  • The boiling water is 100 degrees. Making your own will guarantee a much more effective cuppa.
  • We recommend a Full Spectrum oil as it will flavour coffee and offer the most benefits.
  • You can also get CBD tea bags that contain 100% hemp bud, but we don’t feel these work considering the CBD extract has to go through a process of extraction from the bud into oil before it’s readily available.

The Benefits of CBD Coffee

the benefits of cbd coffee

Everything in life is about balance, drinking coffee is a lifestyle and it can be easy to overdo things. Indulging multiple times per day can have negative effects like anxiety, trouble sleeping or even mood swings. CBD can help make your energy better for disposal and disperse it more efficiently. Some of the other positive effects include…

  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Balanced energy levels without anxiety
  • Ease pain
  • Relaxation
  • Improved Mood 
  • Delicious flavour
  • Mental clarity


Making CBD coffee can be great for study, reading, exams or any task which requires brain power. It can stimulate creativity by changing our thought process, helping us reach different perspectives and maybe notice things you wouldn’t usually notice.

Our CBD Flavoured Coffee Recipe

How to make the perfect cup of CBD flavoured Coffee. We recommend you make Iced coffee but we will use regular coffee in this example:

  • Add the coffee, boiling water and milk (do not add CBD yet)
  • You want to keep the temperature low so that you can dip your finger into the cup before adding the CBD
  • Add 2-5 drops into your cup and stir well
  • CBD is oil-based, water and oil don’t mix so stir well.
  • Full Spectrum ensures flavour from the terpenes which you don’t experience from store-bought CBD Coffee
  • We recommend our 1000mg which is perfect for a full hemp flavour experience and balancing your coffee.
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  1. We recommend you make your brew which ensures the amount of CBD and coffee bean can be tailored to your requirements.
  2. Store-bought won’t taste like homemade.
  3. Don’t use boiling water let your cuppa cool or use iced which we recommended.
  4. Hemp if compared to another product would be like a health shot packed with alkaline goodness, so of course, we condone it as one of your 5 of the day. 
  5. We recommend a full-spectrum oil if unsure what this means go here.
CBD Coffee
  • Coffee with a CBD boost may offer a better experience than your daily regular coffee.
  • Reduce negative side effects of anxiety, jitters, and stress.
  • Receive all the benefits of cannabidiol CBD.
  • Adding positive effects that you would otherwise miss out with your coffee alone.
  • We are definitely pro cannabinoids over artificial flavours and it may even add some health benefits so switch the syrup for a hemp health shot full of omegas, proteins, and cannabinoids.
  • A wonderful flavour and pleasant aroma can make CBD seem like a pleasure and not a rigorist chore.
  • Shop our range below to give your morning cuppa a boost!
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