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Cbd for Athletes

All over the world we see athletes looking for the legal edge in sports, could Cbd be the answer?

Lets start by stating what Cbd may help with in athletes….

Imagine you are a bodybuilder, lifting heavy weight, increasing your heart rate, stressing your muscle in order to create more muscle mass. As you can imagine this can be very taxing on your body so how may cbd help?

  1. Nervous system recovery – bodybuilding is the (ying) high intensitity blood shot eyes from pushing for that extra rep…. Cbd may help you unwind after a rigorous workout. If you ingest Cbd after a workout it may put you in a pleasant state of relaxing, it may also reduce your heart rate and cortisol levels putting you into recovery mode which your muscles need to grow.
  2. Inflamation – obviously your joints are going to feel the stress of the heavy loads, Cbd may help to reduce inflamation as it is a natural anti inflamatory
  3. It may help with pain relief.
  4. Sleep – Cbd may improve your sleep, you may find yourself waking up more refreshed, this in turn will help your brain and body function better, and the deeper sleep should aid in faster recovery.

So as you can see many benefits are to be had with this wonderful plant.

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