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Cbd frequently asked questions

The list below contains Cbd frequently asked questions answered by The Green Doctor NI LTD. Please note these questions and answers are only a guide and if in doubt you should consult with your doctor before taking any CBD products. 

What can i use CBD for?

Cbd oil may help with an abundance of health issues including anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains heart disease and even acne. Cbd oil is a natural alternative to harmful prescription drugs.

Wondering about the correct dose?

Here at the green doctor we have a reference which helps out many customers by using our 500mg Cbd oil for anxiety. 5 drips first thing empty stomach then use every 4 hours there after 2-5 drops. This is just a reference should you need more use more to get desired effects. Use 1500mg Cbd oil for aches and pain.

What should i expect?

If its your first time it can make you feel floaty, spacey, relaxed, euphoric, calm, present, very aware of your surroundings due to less thoughts, happy, giddy.

How often will i need to purchase?

A 10ml bottle of Cbd oil lasts 5-7 days for the average person.  Furthermore, if you are using any more you will require a higher milligram.

Should i be worried about any side effects?

The majority of sides effects will happen to inexperienced users who abuse the products without seeking proper advice. Moody, aggressive, stomach pains, drowsy, fatigue, diarrhea.

How long before i see results?

It could take 1 day or it can take 20 days. However, the average person with arthritic pain 4-7 days to feel the positive effects.

Some prescription drugs may react with the CBD you are taking. Furthermore, we always recommend if you are taking prescription drugs you should always consult with your physician before consuming any CBD products. 

Some of the drugs which may cause a reaction are listed below:

Anti depressants, Fluoxetine or Prozac.
Heart medications
Anti inflammatory
Anti psychotics or benzodiazepines
Heart medication.

Can CBD help in the bedroom?

Cbd may help release stress which is the biggest killer in the bedroom department. In older men it may have the opposite effect due to its estrogenic effects.

Can’t i just swallow it straight away?

Your tongue is like a sponge, Cbd oil will have a much faster onset if placed under the tongue rather than being ingested.

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