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Like what we do? Heard about us from one of your friends? Perhaps you seen our feature in The Daily Mail and would like find out more about the great service and products we offer here at The Green Doctor. We supply CBD oil to the Belfast area and deliver Nationwide.

 We offer our services all over the UK. We can offer clients bulk orders, providing you with wholesale prices. White label products enable that you are able to make a profit. we offer a higher strength, quality oil at a competitive price. 

We supply the purest filtered CBD oil in varying quantities, including 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. All of our oils are full spectrum. You can also gain further insight into CBD oil from the information provided on our website and from reading our blog. 

The Green Doctor NI are now a trusted brand throughout the UK – check out our Trust Pilot reviews to see what our customers think. You can also check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest Green Doctor news and offers. 

Nationwide Delivery

UK next-day delivery service 

when ordering before 2.00pm,

 despite our low shipping costs. If you require further information that you cannot find on our website, please get in touch with the team today.

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  • CBD Oil may have a multitude of physical and mental benefits.
  •  Its is now widely accepted as having natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  •  Used for calming and soothing the effects of anxiety.  
  • If you would like to know more regarding hemps uses read the about page


You can purchase our CBD oil directly from our website. All orders placed before 2PM will be posted that day Royal Mail 24

CBD is now legal to puchase and consume in Belfast and throughout the UK. Enabling you and others to seek out a more natural form of pain relief. 

CBD is generally considered safe to use for most people. However, if you have any concerns regarding CBD or how it may effect existing medications. PLEASE always consult your doctor before taking. 

Obviously THC oil is illegal in Ireland, so why not try the next best thing CBD oil with THC. If you are using the oil recreationally for a high then go for the THC oil, but for healing purposes CBD oil with THC oil also know as full spectrum oil could potentially help.

Rick Simpson oil is well known nationwide, a THC tincture used to heal cancer. THC oil is illegal in the UK so we have to settle for its equivalent Hemp. The green doctors full spectrum cbd oil is as close as it comes to Rick Simpson oil.

500MG CBD Oil

500MG Full Spectrum CBD 



May help calm and relieve anxiety symptoms, leaving you relaxed and ready to face the day.

Mild Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Our 500MG oil may help relive the symptoms of mild insomnia.

Mild to Moderate Pains

Our 500MG oil may help relive symptoms of mild to moderate pain.

1000MG CBD oil

1000MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1000MG CBD Oil

Moderate Pains

Having problems with moderate to severe pains? Our 1000MG Oil may be able to help.


Insomnia thats hard to kick? 1000MG extra strength may help you get a good nights sleep.


This may help with mild to moderate discomfort.

1500MG CBD Oil

1500MG Full Spectrum cbd oil 


Our Strongest Oil

Our strongest oil may help with more severe pain.


May help alleviate the pains and aches experienced with arthritis and similar disorders.

Not sure?

If your unsure if the maximum dosage of oil is required for you why not send us a message or call for more in depth information.

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