Cbd oil for dogs

CBD for Aggressive Dogs
CBD for Aggressive Dogs, Reactive Dogs, Nipping Biting, Growing

Cbd oil for dogs info.

Can Cbd oil help my dog?

Humans and dogs have been best friends throughout the ages. It is thought dogs descended from wolves, wolves form packs, it is thought that when dogs bond with humans they choose you as a leader of their pack due to your abilities to look after them and keep them safe and in return they give you protection and unconditional love. So of course your going to want the best for your loyal buddy.

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Humans plants and animals.

Cbd oil is just as beneficial for your dog as it is you. Dog, humans and plants aint so different we all have a system in our bodies called an endocannabinoid system the cannabis and hemp plant effect the endocannabinoid system by tricking our brains into thinking that the cbd or thc that we just ingested is actually signals being sent from our brain giving our bodies instructions. What kind of instructions? Let just say you are feeling depressed, you take some Cbd oil, after ingesting the Cbd oil sends signals to your brain telling your body to release serotonin ‘the feel good hormone’ making your mood change into a positive one. Interesting eh?

Can i use Cbd oil for dogs?


How can Cbd oil help my dog?
Cbd oil can help with dogs seizures
Cbd may help with aches and pains.

If your dog gets anxious it may help with anxiety.
If your dog is a light sleeper it may help get a deeper sleep.
It may even help an aggressive dog become slightly calmer.
Cbd can also help with an array of things check out our blogs if you need more info.

Cbd oil for dogs uk dosage.
Start very small dosage and work up, a bigger cbd dosage is not better is not better and may make your dog feel worst if you over do things.
2 drips with food to start and monitor.
Signs you have overdosed…
anxiety worsens
no appetite

What do i use?
There is no specific type of cbd oil for dogs just use the lowest milligram full spectrum cbd you can get your hands on The Green Doctor 500mg and follow the uk dosage for dogs above.

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