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cbd for dogs

Have you considered CBD for dogs?

If so then this is the article for you to continue below.


  • Humans and dogs have been best friends throughout the ages.
  • It is thought dogs descended from wolves,
  • Wolves form packs
  • When dogs bond with humans they choose you as a leader of their pack due to your abilities to look after them and keep them safe. In return, they give you protection and unconditional love.
  • So of course, you’re going to want the best for your loyal buddy.


When using CBD Oil for a dog you offer them a nutrient-dense alkaline snack. A health product that they should love the taste of. Hemp is a fantastic pet product and may benefit your dog’s health. 


The Cannabis plant has been used in medicines for generations. Cannabis is integral to Indian culture referenced in the Vedas which refers to one of the five herbs that release us from anxiety.


Cannabis is thought to add health benefits when trying to fight cancers as cannabis and hemp create an alkaline environment in the gut. Hemp doesn’t contain any heavy metals or harsh ingredients and is great for detoxing.


Hemp can help with, immune system issues, anxiety, joint pain, or sleep, hemp can offer benefits in some shape or form. As a caring pet owner, it is better to start these routines before the animals run into problems instead of trying to fix the problem with products.



Considering your dog can’t speak to tell you his or her issues we need to look out for certain signs they may be expressing.

Your dog doesn’t get up to much each day, eats, sleeps and walks. So this is the best place to start


  1. Is her stomach ok? A lot of issues can occur due to acidic environments in the stomach anxiety, depression, and even cancer. Check if their poo is runny, or odd colour.
  2. Are his paws ok? Is he limping, doesn’t want to get out of bed, struggling with the stairs?
  3. Are her teeth ok? Have they turned brown, are they lose, are they chipped, is he eating his dinner?

This is a simple but effective checklist to help treat your dog.

Your vet doesn’t know your dog as well as you, they are trying to guess with the information provided by you, the more you know the better.



Hemp is as good for the body as it is for the environment.
Did you know that It reduces the carbon footprint 10 times faster than any tree?

Is CBD good for arthritic dogs?

golden retriever, dog, retriever-2705639.jpg

Dogs, humans and plants aren’t so different we all have a system in our bodies called an endocannabinoid system.

Are you feeling depressed, in pain or tired? CBD binds to Receptors sending signals to your brain to release the appropriate action to counteract negative effects.

It is better not to wait until arthritis sets in and supplement before the issues arise. Arthritis is an immune system issue, Cannabis can help strengthen the immune system of your pet. Also being a natural anti-inflammatory can help relieve water retention and inflammation that can lead to pain.

Does CBD help aggressive dogs?

Why do dogs become aggressive? 

  • There are multiple reasons why your dog may become or has always been aggressive, 
  • Conflict aggression
  • fear-based, defensive
  • status, possessive, 
  • food guarding, 
  • and redirected aggression.

Aggression can be trained out in most dogs as it’s just a miscommunication. 
Neutering is an alternative which can also be effective but should be used as a last resort.

Can CBD  help with dog aggression? 

  • In some circumstances it may have benefits, for fear-based dogs it may help relieve anxiety and help your dogs relax, but the majority of aggression are behaviour issues that have been ingrained in your dog that need to be corrected

Benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Studies showed improvement in comfort, arthritis, mobility, and seizures.
  • Study 1 # increased comfort in Arthritic dogs – The study suggests that 2MG / KG can increase comfort and mobility in arthritic dogs.


  • Study 2 # Signifiant reduction in pain and improved mobility – The study showed improvement in 94% of cases.


How much CBD oil for dogs UK?

Start very small and work up, a bigger dosage is not better and may make your dog feel worst if you overdo things. Use as you would a multivitamin, every day is better than a large amount in one sitting.

 2 drips of full spectrum CBD oil with food or dog treat.
  • Monitor behaviour and adjust as needed don’t use any more than 70mg per day.
  • Use the studies above for reference
dog, adorable, animal-3344414.jpg
 These are a few warning signs that your pet has consumed too much
  • anxiety
  • nervous
  • no appetite
  • sleepy

Which CBD oil is best for dogs?

There are 3 types of extract
full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate.
You can find out the type on the certificate of analysis by 3rd party lab test. There are no specific types for dogs Dosage - Use the lowest milligram full-spectrum oil you can get.

WHERE TO BUY CBD OIL FOR DOGS UK? We recommend The Green Doctors 500mg and follow the UK dosage for dogs above. There are also dog treats available if your dog is a bit of a diva like my own. CBD oil for pets is best used with a healthy diet.

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