Cbd oil for pain relief

Help With Anxiety? Stress? Insomnia? Pains?

The Green Doctor May Be Able To Help

How does CBD oil make you feel?
Does Cbd work for pains?

Simple answer ‘Yes’ it can help relieve pains. Here at The Green Doctor we have a specific Cbd oil for pain relief our 1500mg is our best Cbd oil for pain relief. We have a lot of customers use our Cbd oil for back pain with great success. Why 1500mg? Well if you compare Cbd oil to co-codamol they don’t really act in the same way. Cbd isn’t going to give you instant relief its more of an accumulative effect. Feeling the positive effects over days/weeks rather than a fast onset like co-codamol.

How Cbd relieves pains

We have a endocannabinoid system in our bodies, this is your immune system, nervous system and all the other systems that make the body function. Cbd actually has an effect on these systems. When ingested Cbd sends signals to our brain, the brain releases all the necessary chemicals to rid the body of inflammation and to relieve any pain ‘like back pain’. Sometimes as we get older certain parts of our bodies don’t function as well as they use to. Cbd basically helps get these functions working again as they should be. You may even notice other areas in your body and mind improving like a better sense of well being or a spring in your step.

Full spectrum Cbd oil is required to help with aches and pains this is the reason for the higher milligram oil. It contains higher Cbd and thc which both work synergistically for pain. You may have noticed Cbd oils that have different references on the bottle, full spectrum or isolate. Full spectrum contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids this means thc. Isolate is Cbd only.

Its like everything if you want the best results you need the best education. The Green Doctor ltd has experts on all subjects relating to Cbd and should you find yourself confused simply contact us and we will be glad to help.


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