cbd oil for sale
cbd oil for sale
cbd oil for sale
cbd oil for sale

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We can offer CBD Oil with next-delivery for the UK if you purchase before 2 pm we post all items the same day if ordered before 2 pm. All Next Day Delivery postage items are sent by Royal Mail 24 which aims to deliver your CBD the very next day. Most bundles and single bottles are sent in Royal Mail 24 Large Letter Boxes. This ensures you don’t have to be home to sign for your delivery. As long as you have a post box or letter box we can deliver your parcel straight through. You will also receive delivery confirmation from Royal Mail by SMS and Email so please ensure when ordering from our shop you enter these details correctly – including your full area code for mobiles and landlines. 

All international orders are tracked and updates are available by SMS and Email at no extra charge. Delivery times vary with international orders. We estimate delivery times of 2-3 days for Ireland and Europe. We do endeavour to get your parcel to you as quickly as possible. All our CBD Oil Tinctures are held and dispatched from our warehouse in the UK. 

What is Cannabidiol?

CBD Cannabidiol was discovered in 1940, It is 1 of 113 cannabinoids. As of 2019 studies are being carried out as to its effectiveness with anxiety, cognition and pain. In the USA the cannabidiol medicine Epidiolex.com brought the spotlight to the CBD market when it was approved for 2 epilepsy disorders. This move acted like a gateway and the legalisation commences across the world as we speak.

  • CBD (cannabidiol) is derived directly from the hemp plant, marijuana’s sister.
  • The 2 plants are from the same species cannabis plant sativa and hemp plant sativa.
  • CBD is the dominant cannabinoid in hemp and also competes with 113 other known cannabinoids including THC.
  • Our tinctures do contain THC as they are full spectrum along with 113 other cannabinoids.
  • It can help with anxiety, insomnia and aches and pains.
  • It comes in a variety of ways full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate.
  • It also comes in a variety of strengths measured in milligrams or percentage 5% or 500mg, 10% or 1000mg, 15% or 1500mg.
  • Cannabidiol gets confused with cannabis, but they are not alike.
  • Side effects nausea, dry mouth, diarrhoea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue.
  • Products can not be advertised legally as a medicine.
  • CBD was legalised in the UK in 2018.
  • It is a food grade supplement that does not require a prescription,  
  • It also works better in conjunction with rather than solely with other cannabinoids and supplementation.

Will I get high?

CBD will not get you high, it is derived from a hemp plant, hemp has no psychoactive properties. Marijuana THC will get you high due to it being psychoactive, marijuana also contains CBD but is THC is the dominant cannabinoid. By law extract must contain less than 0.3% THC. They do so by having a specific strain that everyone uses, a European hemp sativa.

Why does the price vary so much?

  • Price varies when purchasing from manufacturer or middle man? 
  • Are your suppliers products quality? You may be getting a cheap extraction or less than stated on the bottle.
  • If the deal looks to good to be true it usually is, is your supplier stating high percentages and you cant seem to find a similar deal anywhere else? 
  • The Hemp industry is currently in the process of regulation, rules must be abided in order for your business to be legal.
  • Currently businesses are applying for FSA approval (Food standard agency) the cut of date was 21st Feb 2022 which means if you haven’t applied your business will be no more.
  • Regulations are good for business as shops and platforms are afraid to sell or be associated with some products.
  • When rules are applied everyone knows where they stand and it minimizes the risk. For customers and suppliers. If you wish to know more click this link

Should I Buy From The United Kingdom or EU?

The truth be told UK and Europe are actually the same strain, a hemp sativa bred with an 18;1 ratio of CBD to THC, the only strain which is legal to buy and sell in the UK. Again each company will have a different quality CBD oil for sale. This will be dependant on the calibre of the chef serving, but its all the same plant being served.

Of course if you are going to buy you should purchase from a reputable company like ourselves,

or check out this article for the top 8 recommendations, be sure to check out the prices compared to our oils

Which supplement is for me?

When Choosing the correct food supplements everyone tends to go for the strongest, a typical human response. We will give you a reference point so you can decide which is right for you below. 

Is it all the same?

Each supplier will be different from the next, and offer different types of CBD Oil for sale.

  • Different grower, different climate, different technique, different harvest method.
  • But most importantly different types, strengths, percentages of CBD, Educate yourself below on which to buy…
  • Isolate – CBD only with no other compounds, Cannabidiol isolated from everything else.
  • Broad spectrum – CBD including the majority of compounds except THC
  • Full Spectrum – CBD including all the cannabinoids, everything the plant has to offer not taking anything out.
  • For anxiety – isolate or a low milligram, 500mg oil would be perfect as it has low THC content.
  • For insomnia stress, or mild pains you would be using a medium strength oil like 1000mg.
  • For for aches and pains – 1500mg our strongest oil would be suitable. 
  • A great allrounder is our balm / cream, great for anxiety when used topically. We find if you massage your feet with the balm before bed you get a wonderful sleep, with over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, reflexology has a powerful connection to initiate the bodies healing abilities. Also if you are sore in a specific area Cream applied to the site can give fast acting relief. A great buy and long lasting.

Measured in percentage

CBD gets measured in percentage or milligram per bottle
10ml bottles contain higher and lower milligrams of CBD
They also contain carrier oil
10ml with 3000mg of CBD will be 30 percent, the remaining percentage will be hemp seed oil.
10ml with 1500mg of CBD will be 15 percent

What is the strongest Oil / Paste?

Paste is CBD in its purest form. Pure resin.

Paste gets cut in percentages with carrier oils, Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, and MCT oil.

5000mg would be the strongest paste.

5000mg in a 10ml bottle would equate to 50% CBD.

This oil would be too thick to go into a bottle and would be classed as a CBD paste.

3000mg would be the cut of for oil, anything over 3000 milligrams would be classed as paste and wouldn’t be suitable for a bottle.

3000mg would be the strongest oil available to buy in the UK.

Be warned Searching for the strongest products will take you to a lot of untrustworthy sources.

Again with this mindset that strength is best you may not be dealing with your current issue and potentially the opposite, so again contact a member of staff if you have any questions and get put on the right path from the start of your journey.

Beware of high milligram percentages for low costs, and terms like hemp oil.

Flowers and Terpenes

CBD flowers are the from the hemp plant, the flowers contain all the cannabinoids THC CBG and 113 others. You can even find hemp flowers and cannabis flowers growing here in the UK.

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that contain the smell and taste. Terpenes have a direct physiological effect on the body. Terpenes add to the qualities of your oil. Full spectrum CBD oil contains terpenoids. Products like, e liquid, gummies, will not contain terpenes.

Hemp flowers are not currently legal in the UK for growing, smoking or buying.

Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids usually come as a team and you are guaranteed these compounds in our full spectrum extract.

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