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9 Step Guide to Finding CBD Oil Manufacturers - wholesale prices - UK suppliers - white label products - how to start your own business

The hemp industry is booming across the world, and that means big business opportunities for entrepreneurs. But how do you find a trustworthy wholesaler? That’s where this 9-step guide comes in! We’ll give you insights into what to look out for while selecting suppliers from the UK, Europe or Northern Ireland – so buckle up as we take an insightful journey towards success with top-notch hemp manufacturers!

CBD Oil Manufacturers

Starting a Hemp Business UK?

Are you looking to take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship? Have your sights set on launching something big? If so, then cannabis could be just what you’re searching for! Starting up a business can seem daunting but with strategic planning and an innovative approach towards marketing – CBD presents incredible opportunities that are definitely worth exploring. The Green Doctor enthusiastically says “Yes” to taking this journey; seize the day and embark on it today!

  •  In a world where ordinary advertising isn’t available to you or your business is it worth it? Well, The Green Doctor is here to tell you that YES! Starting a business can be a lucrative venture with a careful marketing and business plan. 

    • Firstly, and most importantly make a decision! All great things start with a decision and don’t look back. (No matter how tempting!)
    • Decide what type of business will you be. Will you open a physical store or stall? Or do you prefer the freedom you will feel when you run your website?
    • Do a competitor analysis. That’s right boys and girls, it’s time for your brown coat, dark glasses and large inconspicuous hat, grab a notepad it’s time to do some recon. Check out the competition’s prices, products, website and reviews. What do their customers say? Is there anything about their products or services that you could improve on? Compare their strength bottle size flavour price. Make sure you do a price comparison with at least 10 companies.
    • Once you’ve checked out the competition’s products and services, decide what type of products you will sell. Vape? Oils? Edibles? organic? Do some serious product research. We have some great information on our homepage about the types of products available and their effect on the human body. Well worth a read once you’ve ingested this!
    • Look at the shop or floor space if you’ve decided on a physical location and get some prices. 
    • Decide on a Name. Choose carefully and do some research to make sure no one is using the same moniker.
    • Register your business or have an account do this for you. 
    • Decide on your entity type. By this, I mean Sole Trader, Limited or Partnership. For this stage, we recommend taking the advice of a professional like an accountant. It may cost a little more in the beginning but will save you money in the long run. 
    • Open a bank account.
    • Build a website or have a professional do it for you. 
    • Whilst your website or shop is being finalised we feel this is the best time to look for a reputable CBD Oil Manufacturers UKNext, we’ll take a look at how to find a good supplier.

How to Buy in bulk

If you’re considering stepping into the world of buying in bulk or wholesale hemp products, there are a few key criteria to keep in mind. You’ll need to have an idea of what type and range of goods you want to be stocked on your shelves – Isolate? Broad Spectrum? Full Spectrum CBD oil? Doing some market research beforehand is always advised; if this isn’t already part of your regular vocabulary then head over to our article for more information! Understanding these terms will help ensure smooth sailing down the line when it comes time for shopping around wholesalers.

  • Step 1: Find a manufacturer who prioritises organic botanical products. Organic, fresh, high-quality hemp makes for a better end product. 
  • Step 2: Enquire about the types of extraction processes used. Not all extracts are made equally
  • Step 3: Make sure all batches can be traced with batch numbers and lab analysis of each batch. 
  • Step 4: Look for 3rd party testing of all products and check these reports thoroughly. COA Certificate of Analysis. Especially looking at the THC content of the oil. 
  • Step 5: Ask to see any other certified documents the manufacturer thinks will be useful to you. 
  • Step 6: Look for and ask to see proof of proper facilities. 
  • Step 7: Look for any brand associations with larger more reputable companies. 
  • Step 8: Look for a current Novel Food Certificate application. If one isn’t available you can’t sell their products. 
  • Step 9: Look at reviews to judge the reliability of the company you are researching. What type of reputation do they have? Are their reviews open, honest and transparent?

White Label

For businesses looking to stock products on their shelves and increase revenue, buying directly from us as a manufacturer of white label goods can be cost-effective. We offer wholesale pricing that not only saves money but allows customization such as your own branding and packaging choices – the more you buy, the larger discounts we’re able to apply! Our tailored service is perfect for all types – get in touch today with any special requests or queries.

  • Full Spectrum and Isolate
  • Edibles 
  • Vape
  • Coffee
  • Tea 
  • Gummies
  • Capsules 
  • Distillate

We offer the best prices in Ireland, Europe and the UK. Please compare our prices to any other company in the UK. We are the most competitively priced retailer in the country.

How To Test Potency

Achieving the desired potency of Oil is paramount. To accurately measure this, lab tests using liquid chromatography and UV detectors to calculate cannabinoids present in the oil are usually conducted. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy can also be used to identify specific chemical bonds within molecules through an infrared absorption spectrum. If for any reason a laboratory test isn’t available, tCheck’s home testing kit might just do the trick – especially when it comes to investing large sums into starting up a business!

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