Cannabis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. Three species are recognized, including Cannabis sativa (also known as hemp or marijuana), which has historically been cultivated for its psychoactive properties; however some researchers believe that this may have been done so primarily because it was useful to humans rather than being innate behaviorally like other behaviors such us singing songs, etc,  and hence were selective about what they selected from their large gene pool over time- preventing any single inherited trait(s) coding solely by DNA sequence namely high THC/CBD levels.

Hemp has long been used for fibre, seeds and oils. It’s also eaten as vegetables or juice! But there is more than one type of hemp – some cultivating it to make industrial products like textiles while other species contain little THC making them ideal if you want an almost cigarette smoking experience without any psychoactivity (in fact they may help with insomnia).

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