How to give yourself a Foot Massage!

A foot massage is a divine experience. At the end of a long day it can be great to unwind and one way of doing so is receiving or giving yourself a foot rub. It can make you feel relaxed, melt away anxiety, relieve muscle aches and leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized.

There are many aids, techniques and electronic massagers but nothing beats a CBD FOOT RUB! Its one of the best foot massage for circulation. CBD makes for a great foot and leg massage.

We have created a Topical CBD balm for massaging feet and it works wonders for tired feet, bodies, legs and minds. 

Lets explore more about foot rubs and there benefits of a good foot and leg rub. We also show you how to give yourself a little treat.

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What is the best way to massage your feet? A great foot massage improves circulation and leaves your feet and mind feeling calm and refreshed. 

This 12 minute foot rub is great for beginners, it covers the whole foot and is a great way to apply your CBD Balm. You could also mix a few drips of CBD Oil into your favourite cream and massage into your skin. 

CBD gives an edge to an already very relaxing foot massage. 

Step 1: Warm Up twists

Apply the CBD balm (or your own choice of cream or oil) to the palm of your hand.

Rub vigorously until at melting point then apply to feet.       

Place palm on each side of foot, pull the right side toward and the left side back.

Push the left side toward and the right side back.

Repeat for 1 min

how to give yourself a foot massage

Step 2: Arch Rubs

Rub the length of the arch with thumb from the top thumb to heel. 

Repeat for 1 min

How to massage feet

Step 3: Toe bends

Gently hold all toes in one hand and the heel with the other

Bend toes back and forth to their full motion nice and slow, aiming for flexibility

Repeat 1 min

Foot Spreading

Step 4: Foot Spreading

Pull each side of the foot outward with thumbs

Repeat 1 min


Heel Squeeze

Step 5: Heel Squeeze

Repeatedly sqeeze and release the heel

Repeat 1 min

Foot Kneading

Step 6: Knead

Apply pressure with fist moving up and down the foot from heel to toe

CBD Foot Rub

Step 7: Thumb work

Start at the toes massage with fingers and thumb right down to the heel in downward motions

Repeat for 1min

CBD Foot Massage

Step 8: Pressing Points

Use 1 hand to support foot

Use thumb on other hand to press and release the top of the instep

Move down instep repeating this pressing motion

Repeat 1 min

anxiety busting massage

Step 9: Achilles

Use finger and thumb use a stroking motion down to the heel.

Repeat 1 min

Womens foot massage

Step 10: Top and Side Circles

Move thumbs in circular motion from ankles to toes

Repeat 1min

Massage oil

Step 11: Toe Massage

Tug, twist and pull each toe from outer to inner toes

Repeat 1 min

How to give yourself a foot massage

Step 12: Finishing Strokes

Pull the right side forward and push left side back, then the opposite working from heel to toes

Repeat 1 min

What does massaging your feet do?

Feet are the most neglected part of our bodies. Classed as the least attractive part visually, people pay them very little attention. 

Your feet are a pretty big deal, that’s why you need to care for them. 

A CBD foot rub is the perfect way to care for your feet, skin loving ingredients to heal and repair broken, cracked and dry skin.  Menthol for skin irritation, and CBD for pain relief. 

Reflexology suggests the feet have connections all over our bodies and that massaging different parts of the foot, will help heal various parts of our body.

CBD also send signals to our endocannabinoid system which effect our nervous system. it may be beneficial for arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, diabetic neuropathy and so much more.

Your feet have 7000 nerve endings in each foot. 

 A foot rub improves circulation, stimulates muscles, helps with aches and pains in other parts of your body like your knees and hips. A foot rub not only loosens muscles and prevents injury it also activates your central nervous system and may help with brain chemistry like endorphines the feel good hormone.

if you have issues with your feet, Often other parts of your body over compensate leading to issues.

Your feet give you balance and stability to walk, run, grip, and they absorb shocks.

Each foot has 100 tendons, 26 bones and 33 joints.

1/4 of your bones are in your feet.

The heel bone is the largest bone in your foot.

with over 7000 nerve ending in each foot.

Think how much a blister can affect your daily life, now think of something more serious broken bones. So look after your feet, keep skin replenished and its simple a couple of foot rubs through the week 12 minutes each session can make a real difference.


Look below at pressure points



Reflexology a fancy name for a foot rub? Healers suggest that all bodily functions are connected and can be effected by points in the feet, hands, face and even ears. Used worldwide, China, India, Egypt and goes by many names. A thai foot massage for instance which is thought to be developed by Monks for deep relaxation and wellbeing.

 I personally believe in the power of reflexology especially when used by Monks, Reiki healers or beings who understand energy  .

If this theory is correct then basically your feet are a map for your bodies treasure. Scientists are still sceptical as to the power of this spiritual healing, so its not for everyone. You state the location of your discomfort to your healer and they massage the part which they believe will relieve the issue. This type of healing found its way to the western world in the 1900’s and we gave it a nice complicated name ‘reflexology’.

to remove any other nations culture and to entice customers to purchase the voodoo pack in the local day spa.

Cbd balm used in reflexology points may add some extra benefit, CBD is also a natural healer binding to receptors in the human body, can effect the nervous system and relieve pain, chronic and inflammation. Our thought was reflexology and CBD would be the perfect combination and may even work synergistically.


Foot rub

The Green Doctor CBD foot rub


The Green Doctor CBD foot rub contains hemp seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, 500mg CBD extract, vitamin E, rosemary, menthol and much more. skin replenishing, hydrating, healing which will leave your feet feeling soft and fresh. The menthol has a beautiful cooling affect which will rid your feet of any irritation, fungus, or dry skin.

Cbd products are becoming ever more popular as people turn to them over traditional medicines, even your grandmother will know what CBD is.

It can help mentally and physically, it promotes focus, helps balance energy, great for clarity, calmness if you are a public speaker, relieves pain, helps get a great night sleep.

What is it? Cbd is a resin gland from a hemp plant flower, hemp is related to the marijuana plant but opposites in how they effect us. Marijuana is psychoactive and will get you high. Cbd does not get you high, It contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC the psychoactive compound. Marijuana contains high levels of THC and low levels of CBD

How does it work? It interacts with the central nervous system by binding to receptors in our bodies. sending signals to our endocannabinoid system which can improve how our bodies function.

As the feet already have healing properties applying our foot rub to prime reflexology locations should offer some benefit.

This product can only be purchase from The Green Doctor

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