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How to take CBD oil?

So you have bought your product, Now what? You have read all the benefits and want to get some in your life right away. Where to start?

Take CBD oil under your tongue and hold for 1 minute.

We recommend holding CBD under your tongue for 1 min as it can be beneficial for absorption, doing so will make sure it reaches your bloodstream faster than ingesting.

We suggest getting a feel for the dropper to get a consistent dose, as we recommend only a few drips it would be better to drip the amount on the back of your hand and then place it under your tongue.

We recommend 70mg max per day but studies have been conducted with people consuming 200 – 1000mg per day which is a full bottle in some cases.

This is not for all products, The Green Doctors 500mg CBD oil contains 2.5mg per drip,

1000mg is 5mg per drip

and 7.5mg for 1500mg.

We recommend you start small and work up over several weeks until your find a dose that best suits your needs.

Should I take my CBD Oil with food or beverages or is it better on an empty stomach? Studies would suggest that taking CBD with food is best. Further studies by The Green Doctor found that it’s not just food, but fatty acids that are most important for maximum uptake and utilisation. Our products contain everything you need to get the most out of your oils that’s why we recommend our oils on an empty stomach.

Your digestive system requires energy to break down food in your gut. 6-20% of the CBD you ingest is used and the rest is burnt for energy with the majority going to waste. The highest uptake of all products is CBD vaping products with up to 60% of the CBD being utilised.

When using food products the dose of CBD is usually a small amount of 10 – 30 mg of CBD per food item, as 70mg of CBD is the maximum that is recommended per day.

Effects can be felt in as little as 45 minutes – Calm, happy, focused, relaxed.

Discontinue using if any Negative side effects are present, Nausea, dizziness, itchy, dry mouth, stomach cramps.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis plants have been known throughout the ages as medical plants, now backed by science there are a number of studies that now prove the medicinal health benefits.

Pain relief

Mental health

Neuroprotective properties

Heart health

Cannabis supports our Endocannabinoid system a complex system that regulates our nervous system. It acts by binding to receptors within our bodies, suggesting that CBD may play an important role throughout our bodies.

Ingesting CBD products.

Ingesting CBD is not for everyone due to the strong taste, one might choose to disguise or mask the potent flavour with a sweeter or tastier one. This is where people may find benefits in different and more playful products.

With an abundance of CBD products, edibles, capsules, CBD gummies, lotions, vapes, balms, and drinks. Others enjoy cooking with CBD and adding it to their favourite foods. (But do keep the temperature low if cooking.) CBD infusions smoothies, coffee, tea, coconut oil or other drinks. It can all add to the confusion already surrounding usage.

When used in food and beverages sometimes sacrifices must be made. For example, not all extracts can be used in food, the most common extracts used in food are CBD Isolate, broad spectrum and distillate. Full spectrum is not typically used with other foods and drinks which puts some people off as it is the most desired of all the extracts. This extract is completely natural and also contains THC.

Other alternatives are flavoured CBD oils or CBD isolates which don’t contain any flavour at all.

Homemade CBD Coffee is our favourite and you can also have your full-spectrum alternative.

How to use CBD oil topically.

CBD balm can be great for honing in on a specific area, homemade or purchased. You can simply add CBD oil to your favourite moisturiser and receive the benefit you would by ingesting.

Note CBD does not enter your bloodstream via topical use. We suggest balms for muscle pain, chronic pain, and even anxiety. A foot rub with CBD can be a divine experience and can help get a great night’s sleep.

As it is not ingested there are no set limits as to how much to use, if you overindulge you may find yourself waking up groggy with a CBD hangover.

Using a reflexology approach and using it in specific areas for different issues.

For anxiety – use on feet, back, and shoulders

For pains – for back pain rub full back, hamstrings and glutes

For sleep – use on trapezius muscles the muscles between your neck and shoulders.

We recommend you apply a small amount on your feet. Each foot has over 7000 nerve endings and your feet are the most neglected part of our bodies even though they are the most important. You need your feet everywhere you go, people will fix their hair, and whiten their teeth, but when it comes to their feet they are hidden away.

When it comes to healing. The feet have a connection all over our bodies,

Your toes have connections to your brain, sinus and neck.

The balls of your feet to your lungs.

Your heal to your sciatic nerve.

So spend some more time with your feet and you will be pleasantly surprised how they repay you.

All of our suggestions are just that, a reference, feel free to experiment and see what works for you as everyone is different.

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