How to use CBD oil

How to use cbd Correctly!

How much CBD oil should I use? Is your CBD oil dose effective? How do I know how much to take? 

God blessed us all with feelings some people are yet to find out how to use are feelings, all you have to do is listen to them.

How can companies justify a CBD plan that will work for everyone equally when we are all so different?

Using as much cbd as it takes to get the desired effects!

If you are using a significant amount of CBD, try a higher milligram and use less. Experiment to find the right CBD oil dose for you! Are you a big guy? A small little lady? An animal who casually browses the internet for interesting blogs?

Here is a reference of how to start using The Green Doctor products:

2000mg may help with anxiety use first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, WHY? The gut contains serotonin (the feel good hormone) food effects your serotonin so we keep food out of the way and let the CBD activate the feel good hormone. It may not take a large amount of CBD to help with anxiety even if you are the most anxious person in the world, what happens if you start using higher milligrams? Higher milligrams contain more THC and may have the opposite effect for your anxiety.

4000MG the middle man, if you and your partner are using CBD together one for anxiety and one for pain relief it would be silly to buy 2 seperate bottles, 4000mg is may be good for anxiety and may help with pain relief, so both people can benefit from the one bottle.

6000mg 3 times the strength of 2000mg, may help with pains. Again we find using CBD on empty stomach may be the most effective.

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