How to use cbd for anxiety

Here at the green doctor our Cbd has been tried and tested on human subjects. From anxiety to aches and pains we found in studies that people with anxiety require less than someone with arthritis. Other sources may tell you use 2 – 3 drips, this is based on absolutely nothing, basically a trend of bullshit excuse my language due to insurance purposes.

This is how we recommend using our cbd products, lets take are 2000mg cbd oil for this example.

First thing i do in the morning is turn to is my cbd oil with a smile, 10 drips ingested. Within 15 minutes the cbd effects will be kicking in preparing me for my days events.

The rest of the day will be top ups of 2-3 drips, maybe every 3 hours depending on how i feel.

A bottle of 10ml 2000mg usually last me 1 week.

What does cbd feel like? A peaceful calmness comes over me followed by alertness or awareness of more things around me due to my thoughts being suppressed by the calmness i feel from the cbd, In no way do i feel high, maybe sometimes a bit dizzy if i take to much, but after those feelings subside i am left with stillness and peace.

The green doctor has a awesome deal on if you buy 3 bottles you get the forth free this works out £11.45 it costs me per week to keep my anxiety at bay.

Take a look at holland and barrett cbd reviews they aren’t consistent, then take a look at are cbd oil reviews consistent due to are team knowing the product and industry inside out

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  1. Linda Willoughby

    How long do you take the oil before seeing a good result & how many doses at 10 drops per dose are in the 2000mg bottle?


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