Jacob Hooy CBD oil VS The Green Doctor

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In this article, we’ll be comparing Jacob Hooy CBD Oil and The Green Doctor, two popular CBD brands. We will explore quality, price, and customer reviews, to help you find the best for your needs.

There are many companies out there that sell CBD products, some good, some bad, like any business sector. Our research team is going to make sure you know which one offers an excellent return on your investment by giving a full breakdown for each company we recommend so don’t miss this opportunity!

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that has been shown to be beneficial for various health conditions including chronic pain, anxiety and seizures. Hemp is a versatile plant that can be used in many ways to make your life more comfortable. One way, for example, would involve using hemp extract supplements. These products are derived from the purest form of hemp—the leaf and flower, they’re just straight-up green goodness with no unnecessary additives making them perfect if you want natural relief without harmful side effects.

How can one CBD Oil be different from another?

There are many different extractions and types of CBD, full spectrum CBD Oil, broad spectrum and CBD isolate are the 3 main extracts, full spectrum is the highest quality out of the 3. One of the main differences between Jacob Hooyvs The Green Doctor is their ingredients; while they both contain full spectrum extract (highest quality) there’s more cannabidiol in one bottle than the other and the price difference is massive!

Both oils are extracted using the same process, CO2 extraction, which means their products do not contain any unwanted chemicals or toxins. This process also results in a purer form of CBD that can be diluted with hemp seed oils rich in essential fatty acids and other nutrients for maximum benefits!

About Jacob Hooy CBD Oil

Jacob Hooy has been a supplier of high-quality food ingredients since 1743. They are an expert in trading plants, herbs and spices. Not only do they offer ample supplies for sale, they are also delivered right to your doorstep. They supply other items including tea, essential oils, beauty tips, etc.

Jacob Hooy was one of the first CBD companies in Holland and Barretts’ early days. They used this platform to get their products seen by consumers, which is how they made it big with no marketing budget!

Holland and Barrett

The mighty H&B trading since In 1870, they were a small town grocery store in Europe. Today their stores can be found on nearly every high street around the world because of their vast expansion! They offer consumers everything they need to live healthier lives from vitamins & supplements to beauty products like makeup or hair dye. Holland and Barrett are a platform for companies to showcase their products, sellers make an agreement with Holland and Barrett to use their shelves to get their products seen.

About The Green Doctor

The Green Doctor is a UK-based company trading from day one of cannabidiol legislation. They sell CBD products through their own eCommerce website. Their products have been getting recognition around the UK for effectiveness and quality for a reasonable price.

They don’t just offer CBD, they also offer an awesome service, they respond to customers personally and can give advice on how best for you to use their product, one individual at a time!

In 2022 they were voted Best in CBD Brand in the UK by SME News. This prestigious award was voted by the public and included all other large names such as Trip and Jacob Hooy. This makes the Green Doctor a top choice for retailers and consumers alike for hemp-infused oil extractions.

Jacob Hooy CBD oil VS The Green Doctor

Customer reviews

  • Jacob Hooy 3.5 stars out of 5 – 600 reviews
  • The Green Doctor has 4.8 stars out of 5 – 400 reviews


  • Jacob Hooy offer 2.75% CBD oil for £19.99
  • The Green Doctor offer 5% for £18.99


  • Upon reading reviews Jacob Hooy seems to get a lot of complaints about the bitter flavour, bitter usually implies unripe fruit.
  • The Green Doctor doesn’t seem to get any reviews for flavour.

Trust score

  • The Green Doctors oils are third-party tested with legal amounts of THC.
  • Jacob Hooy CBD oil company was not pleased when they found out that some products contain illegal amounts of THC (as reported in the Daily Mail on 06.02.2020). Illegal cannabis for sale in Holland and Barrett
  • Among tests conducted, 31 tests on other companies’ oils found 4 -12 times more THC than what’s allowed by law!
  • Football Superstar David Beckham CBD taken off the shelves. The football legend and budding entrepreneur has started off on the wrong foot by selling cannabis-based wellness items without being compliant with UK law!
  • Noel Gallager’s ex-wife Meg Mathews and golfer Darren Clarke have removed CBD products from their shelves. In fact, a quarter of the supplements at Boots don’t meet testing rules while half on Amazon are also in violation! They have now been removed from the shelves (as reported by Adam Solomans for the MailOnline 11.04.22).

Regulations needed to protect consumers

Regarding cbd food products With regulators clamping down on the industry, it’s almost impossible to get away with selling goods that don’t comply. Platforms have set regulations to follow before a company is allowed to showcase products.

Licenses are almost mandatory regarding CBD cosmetic products and have clamped down on CBD oil eBay UK and Amazon.

The Green Doctor assure their customers of complete transparency by ensuring each batch goes through rigorous testing before hitting shelves.

Our products are linked to valid FSA applications and can be researched on the official FSA website.


  1. Both seem like two top-quality products,
  2. Both use high-quality CBD made from quality raw hemp paste leaves and flowers.
  3. Both have a range of products derived from the hemp plant

But one seems to shine that little bit extra, based on customer feedback, which is the most important type of feedback.

What’s not to love? Green Doctor offers more for less money, double the amount of product with an almost perfect 5-star review. They also provide you 3 units + 1 free when buying three items!

The Green Doctor is your one-stop shop for all things Hemp! They have a wide range of products including capsules, balms and vape pens. With over 400 reviews on their website with an almost 5-star rating, how can you go wrong? The Green Doctor CBD Oil is a must-try.

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