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New Product Alert!

The Green Doctor has new products starting to go live from today. Its finally here!! New Product Alert! For months we have been working with our lab to create this custom blend oil.

So i thought i would take the time to give you the scoop about whats going on behind the scenes.

The green doctors lab nerds have come up with a new improved formula so strong that we had to lower the milligrams as the uptake of the product is super high..

The new product range 500mg, 1000mg 1500mg.

The new packaging is colour co-oridinated so that regular customers dont get confused. Just go with the colour of the last bottle you purchased for the equivalent.

These changes occur from time to time and any of The Green Doctor CBD groupies will have noticed a few changes over the green doctors life span. We are constantly collecting your feed back and working with our lab to create the highest quality oil for the best price.

Heres the scoop!

We evolve constantly as we know in business that your expanding or contracting, the green doctor business is in the expansion phase and expanding rapidly, we expand by updating our products to stay ahead of the competition.

The new oil is decarboxylated, de-waxed, and filtered.

The purest, most effective oil we have to date. We think you’ll agree the flavour is superior as is the strength. The amount of cannabinoids absorbed by the body is far higher than any of our previous oils. Please see our lab reports. Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

The New oil, new packaging, and a new you

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