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Where can I buy CBD Oil ?
The Green Doctor UK Shop - Hemp products

Hemp plants have the ability to single handily deal with earths ecology problems, clean the environment, clothe everyone, fuel our cars. it can even be made into plastic like bottles that are biodegradable.

Did you know that hemp breaths 4 times as much carbon out of the atmosphere as a tree? When you think of hemp think of it as the worlds purifier instead of a controlled substance. It is not what it is perceived to be.

CBD THC CBN CBG are all cannabinoids from the hemp plant, we have cannabinoids receptors our our bodies. CBD is thought to bind to these receptors which run through our entire nervous system including the brain. Its called the ECS endocannabinoid system it plays an important role in learning, memory, emotion, pain, movement and neural functions.

So basically we have parts in our bodies that readily allow cannabinoids from the hemp plant to regulate by sending signals when ingested or applied topically.

Where to buy?

An abundance of products and suppliers can leave you wondering where can i buy cbd oil and where do i begin?

The Green Doctor have a small but potent selection of Full spectrum products in our UK shop. We like to keep things simple and we feel our quality products can cater for everyone’s needs, so if you are interested read below for an abundance of information on why to choose us for food supplements and creams.

Products may help with issues such as anxiety, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, anti inflammatory and pain relief. We stock quality infused products, Including Balm, Oils.  We have a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal! You will notice our prices are very competitive for premium CBD.

Our products are full spectrum containing tetrahydrocannabinol thc. THC is a controlled substance and is within regulations. Research suggests full spectrum extract is the most potent when treating ailments and this is due to the entourage effect. Speak to healthcare professional regarding other medications before administering.

What we offer…

We offer seven different hemp products which are available in the UK.

We sell CBD oil in quantities of 10ml bottles at differing strengths. Our oil products are full spectrum The strengths sold include 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. We sell hemp cream 100ml for aches and pains or just an alternative instead of ingesting. Our bundle deals allow you to take advantage of the benefits without the hefty price tag. 

Do you need more information about oil, cream, gummies, or vape oil? Any questions you may have about our range please speak to a professional with our online chat.

Which products are for me?

We offer, 500mg 1000mg, 1500mg, in 10ml bottles, no added flavour, and a 500mg Hemp Cream.

  • For someone with anxiety, stress, or low mood we recommend 500mg.
  • For Insomnia, depression, or mild aches 1000mg
  • For Arthritis, chronic pain, 1500mg along with a balm will work great.

Our CBD cream is our latest edition to our products. Suitable for aches and pains as you can apply directly to the affected area. Full of wonderful ingredients for the skin which allows the body to readily absorb.

This product is great for dealing with anxiety, insomnia, and has all the benefits of ingesting. The skin doesn’t absorb into the blood stream and can have a milder onset effect for those who are more sensitive. Bringing a calm and relaxed feeling with a gentle massage. We find this very relaxing and excellent for anxiety when gently massaged into the feet.

People are more interested and more aware than ever about health and wellness. Hemp products could be like the ultimate supplement. A couple of drips under your tongue and get on with the rest of your day the same way you would with a multi vitamin. If you are starting new healthy routines this is defiantly one you need to have in your arsenal.

Hopefully we helped you on your path?

We have kept our range of products small and colour coded so its easier for you to understand Strength bottle size flavour price.

Our products and service standards are of the highest quality.

We hope that we make life as easy as possible when choosing the right CBD products. Please feel free to check out our reviews and you can price check us across all the other major retailers.

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