Turmeric capsules 3 month supply


Turmeric capsules with 10% active curcumin. 3 month supply. 90 tablets per bundle. Ingredients – powdered turmeric root in a handy capsule that you can use on the go.

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The green doctors turmeric capsules. The ultimate supplement for your supplement arsenal?

Turmeric capsules are rich in vit d. Which can be good for strengthening bones and supporting your immune system.

Turmeric root has been used for over 4000 years.

A natural anti inflammatory / antioxidant such as turmeric could aid with aches and pains.

Great for your skin if your looking a natural summer glow. Carrots and different coloured vegetables can change your skin colour if you eat enough of them. Its called carotenemia

Get creative and add some turmeric to a curry, a member of the ginger family and has a very distinctive flavour.

Turmeric capsules with 10% active curcumin touted to be great for brain and heart function.

Turmeric, cbd and blackseed oil. The ultimate combo?

All 3 supplements are natural anti inflammatory, helpful for your immune system, and great for your skin.

Could be helpful for athletes, Who seek faster recovery.

Turmeric Roots are nutrient dense. Soil contains lots of essential nutrients

Curcumin is what makes turmeric yellow in colour.

Enjoy all the benefits in a easy to manage capsule. No need to stand and chop roots to get your daily fix. Blended Turmeric root in a handy capsule you can use on the go.

90 turmeric capsules total = 3 month supply


The green doctor ships the same day if you order before 2pm. However on the weekends order before 10am on Saturday to receive same day postage

Packages are sent via royal mail next day delivery.

International packages via royal mail international tracked.

Instructions for use.

The green doctor recommends you use one turmeric capsule per day. On the other hand if you are super active you may be able to use 2 if you feel its required

Ingested first thing on empty stomach is recommended. Ingesting on empty stomach lets the turmeric remove the inflammation as food can sometimes get in the way.

When inflammation is realised it has 3 ways to leave your body – sweat, urine or faeces.  So don’t be alarmed if you get an upset stomach.

1500mg Cbd oil and turmeric work synergistically with each other for pain relief. We find multiple natural inflammatory work best when combined.

How long before i notice results?

You could notice improvement in as little as 3 days. Or it could be 3 weeks. However consistency is key to long term results.

Using other Cbd products that compliment the nature of the turmeric supplement would be an other alternative for faster results.

You may notice improvements in other areas, clearer skin, better mood, loss of weight.

More is not better when it comes to supplements. However Size can also dictate amounts needed per person along with activity level.

Supplementing dose could vary depending on your activity level. However if you feel you need more then do so.

Who could turmeric be beneficial for?

Turmeric could help to aid in recovery for athletes. Such as faster recovery times, inflammation release after hard endurance.

Have aches and pains? turmeric may help reducing inflammation.

If you are prone to skin break outs turmeric can help.

Proven benefits of turmeric.


  1. Turmeric contains powerful bio-active compounds that is touted to have medical properties. Such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  2. Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory compound. Its purpose is to kill harmful bacteria’s and strengthen the immune system
  3. Turmeric can oxidise the blood and aid in anti ageing
  4. Turmeric can help with brain function, it increases BDNF which improves memory and can even make you smarter.
  5. It may reduce the risk of heat disease by improving the endothelium function.
  6. Studies suggest that turmeric made aid in cancer recovery by assisting in cancer cell break down.
  7. Curcumin may be useful in helping with Alzheimer’s and other brain disease
  8. You will find the majority of health related illnesses are to do with inflammation. Nevertheless, aches and pain relief is one of the more common known turmeric benefit.
  9. Helps with mental health, anxiety and depression
  10. Can help and prevent diseases associated with getting older.








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