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What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is an extract from the Hemp Plant, a collection of resin glands diluted with a hemp carrier oil. Cannabidiol or CBD works by assisting your endocannabinoid system to help your body achieve balance. May help with stress, anxiety, pain, mood, and even sleep. Think of CBD Oil like juicing fruit and vegetables for a smoothie a highly concentrate form or omega 3’s, fatty acids, vitamins, to help supplement the new health conscious generation on the go. Available in our online store.

How do you take CBD Oil

CBD Oil is taken under the tongue, leave for a minute and ingest. We also find using on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to be most effective. People usually come to CBD when they are looking assistance with health, CBD Oil is a life style and will work best with a healthy diet and other health conscious choices. Your weight, height, metabolism will all dictate the amount required for personal use. Start small and increase dose over time.

Our CBD Oils are blended with Hemp carrier oil extracted from the hemp plant, basically our bottled formula is 100% hemp. The Green Doctor have been featured in the Daily mail as one of the UK’s best CBD Oils, CBD Bible have this to say… Buy the UK’s best CBD Oil and experience the power of nature.

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