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Which CBD oil to buy UK?

  • The Green Doctor online store enables you to buy CBD UK and nationwide.
  • Buy CBD Oil – We have 3 strengths available 500, 1000, and 1500mg which is our best value for money
  • Buy CBD Balm – We offer topical hemp creams which are excellent for complementing your oil products.
  • Also products are available in a buy 3 to get 1 free bundle.
  • We offer a next-day-delivery service to the UK
  • Gummies and vape oil which will be in store this week.

Which CBD oil to buy? Our 3 Oils and Balm contain Full Spectrum extract, we have labelled our products above to give you a reference of which would best suit your needs if you have any questions contact us via live chat. Or go to the homepage for education before you buy.


What is the best CBD Oil?

There are numerous extraction methods, we refer our customers to full-spectrum oils this is based on the entourage effect – that the plant cannabinoids work better in conjunction with one another rather than solely.

How to administer?

Our Oil is taken under the tongue, leave for a minute and ingest for a more detailed explanation on how to take click here

People usually turn to Cannabis when they are looking for assistance with health, Hemp is a lifestyle and will work best with a healthy diet and other health-conscious choices. Your weight, height, and metabolism will all dictate the amount required for personal use. Start small and increase the dose over time.

Our products are blended with Hemp carrier oil extracted from the hemp plant our bottled formula is 100% hemp. The Green Doctor has been featured in the Daily Mail as one of the UK’s best products, CBD Bible has this to say… Buy and experience the power of nature.


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