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Terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before purchasing our product. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Firstly, there are 2 years of right of claim under the Purchasing Act also, our right of complaint applies to defects in materials and / or fabrication. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Secondly, the complaint does not apply to errors or damage caused by improper operation of the product / service.

The Green Doctor will cover return costs to a reasonable extent. The green doctor will fufill terms and conditions.


If a refund has been agreed upon we will refund back to your payment source that was used to pay for goods initially,

Right of withdrawal

Furthermore, our CBD products are non-returnable unless they are in their sealed box condition and unopened. Your goods must be returned back to us within 14 days of us providing you return instructions. Please refer to these terms and conditions if you are unclear.

Any postage costs must be paid by you, the customer. Please upload clear tracking information once you have posted your CBD oil back to us.

In the message, please let us know clearly that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal.


By purchasing our products you agree to be contacted within 5 days to leave a review about your products. You can of course choose to unsubscribe to this service.

Frequently asked questions.

Is cbd oil legal in the uk? Yes Cbd oil was legalised in the uk in 2015. In fact Cbd wasn’t just legalised it was prescribed in 2015.

Cbd oil for dogs? Yes dogs can use Cbd oil and receive benefit just like people, we recommend a small amount.

Can i use Cbd oil for anxiety? Cbd may help with anxiety and stress. Equally important cbd may help release feel good hormones and stimulate serotonin.

Will Cbd oil work for pain? Cbd oil may help with pain as its a naturally anti-inflammatory. Similarly to turmeric.

Does cbd oil work for arthritis? Cbd oil may help with arthritis pains due to its natural anti inflammatory effects. In fact its a natural anti inflammatory.

cbd oil uk amazon? Amazon forbids the sales of cbd prooducts, In the same way facebook , google and paypal forbid the sales of cbd also.

What are cbd oil benefits? Cbd oil may have benefits even for people with no ailments such as concentration and even hay fever. In fact it may even strengthen you immune system.

cbd oil and driving? It is completely legal to drive while using cbd . In the same way that you can drive on other prescription drugs.

Can i use cbd oil and apple cider vinegar? Supplements complemented by cbd work very well. Similarly to cbd oil and blackseed oil or cbd and turmeric.

cbd oil at holland and barrett? First Holland and barrett can be pretty expensive. Second the green cbd oil may be a better alternative.

cbd oil drops? The green doctors cbd oil drops would be a fantastic choice for someone looking quality cbd at an affordable price and will the customer will also be provided an awesome service.

How to become a cbd oil distributor? Simply contact the green doctor for more information. As a result the green doctor will contact you with a deal that they feel will suit your needs.

choose a cbd oil? Contact the green doctor and discuss your cbd goals for a protocol that will work for you. As a result you should receive a protocol to best suit your needs.

dogs an cbd oil? Dogs can have adverse side effects to cbd oil. Firstly Introduced cbd to their bodies and start very small. Second Watch out for mood changes, nervousness, or changes in behaviour.

what is a cbd oil massage? A Cbd oil massage is hemp carrier oil that contains cbd massaged into the skin. If you have pains in a certain area it could be beneficial to site massage the oil into the effected area

what is a cbd oil isolate? Cbd isolate is just what it says on the tin.In fact Cbd isolated from everything else from the hemp flower. It usual comes in white powder form. You would use in cbd oil vape.

Does cbd oil benefits for skin? Yes Cbd oil is great for skin and may help with spots or rashes. As a result you may experience clearer skin.

Who are cbd oil brothers? Is a Spanish Cbd oil company.

cbd oil brighton? The green doctor will post cbd to Brighton.

cbd oil capsules for sale? Handy for someone on the go. Cbd in a capsule.

cbd oil cheap uk? The green doctor are defiantly contenders for the cheapest cbd oil in the uk. In fact i would honestly say maybe even the world.

Can cbd oil causes night sweats? It is advised Cbd oil should be used thought the day and not just before bed time.

Is cbd oil low calories? First As the carrier oil is hemp based and hemp contains high healthy fats and protein it will be calorie dense. Secondly because you use so little it wouldn’t even be classed into your daily calorie consumption.

Will cbd oil drug test? Cbd shouldn’t show up in a Thc drug test no matter how much you ingest at any given time. Consequently Cbd should be a certain type of strain that is legal worldwide (european sativa.)

how to use the cbd oil dosage calculator? The green doctor does not recommend the calculator. In fact the green doctor believes everyone should have their own protocol specifically tailored to their needs.

cbd oil diarrhea? Cbd could cause diarrhea as it is a natural anti inflammatory and the excess water needs be realised by either sweat, fasces or urine. Furthermore should any symptoms continue longer than you feel is acceptable, discontinue use immediately.

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