How does cbd oil make you feel?

Using Cbd for stress relief

Using Cbd for stress relief.

We are living in a very stressful time, coronvirus, economy collapsing, wearing masks, inflated prices of goods. Have you ever thought of using Cbd for stress relief?

The stress you are feeling is not a good place for your feelings to be dwelling. Stress can put your body at a state of dis – ease and that is exactly what it creates (disease).

Go to a funeral for someone you loved and get a lump in your throat.

Worrying about the coronvirus making you sick to your stomach. This is not good for your body holding in these powerful emotions this is what makes people sick.

You would be better of crying at the funeral.

You would be better correcting the thought of worry about the virus. Say to yourself i’m fine, we’re social distancing and we have masks on so chance’s are pretty slim of catching anything.

God give us feelings for a reason, so monitor your feelings always and see how you feel on a daily basis. You may find that your constantly in a state of worrying, the bills, the kids, the car, the house.

So what can we do to help?

Why not try using cbd for stress relief.

It can help you relax, unwind, and it can even lessen the amount of thoughts in our minds. If you’ve been reading closely it is thoughts that is causing all the problems.

Cbd and thc have effects on our emotions and can literal change our feelings. They bind to receptors in our bodies and can release serotonin the feel good hormone that make us feel just great.

So if you are suffering from stress dont take it out on your body any longer. Hopefully by now you understand the implications.

Try using cbd for stress relief. Monitor how your feel daily,hourly, get into a habit of doing it.

This will be better for your body than any supplement or health pill.

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    Hi just wondered if you could recommend what to use for chronic pain relief experienced for several years. On a cocktail of medication which makes it a little easier to get through day. Want to get off all of this and interested in using cbd but don’t know where to start. Thanks for any help/advice

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      hello if you compare cbd to pain relief meds pain med will always be stronger so you would need 1500mg cbd, the protocol we recommend
      2-5 drips first thing empty stomach
      2-5 drips every 3-4 hours after
      if u need more adjust your morning dose used 5-10 drips morning and keep the 2-5 there after

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