What is Pure Cbd oil uk

What is pure Cbd oil uk? Cbd when extracted is a thick sticky paste. In order to get Cbd into a bottle it has to be cut with a carrier oil. The Green Doctor uses hemp as a carrier oil as the benefits of hemp oil can be just as good as Cbd itself. Hemp oil comes from the pressed hemp seeds. Cbd comes from the actual hemp flower, leaves, and stem. The hemp plant goes through different growth stages in spring the hemp plant is vegetating and growing new foliage. When the day start getting shorter this is a signal for the hemp plant to begin flowering. The hemp plants fruit or flower will be ready to harvest in the fall and lets of an aroma that can travel for miles, its a very distinct smell resembling pine or urine.

Cbd extract or pure Cbd oil uk

Cbd can be extracted from the flower either using alcohol or co2 carbon dioxide. This separates the Cbd and other cannabinoids from the hemp flower. The quality of the Cbd depends on the experience of the grower as the plant must be fully mature or may lack taste and strength if prematurely harvested.

How to work out Cbd strength

1ml = 1gram = 1000mg

So you now have 1ml of pure cbd extract/paste which equals 1000mg. If we cut the paste with 9ml of hemp seed oil and put it into a 10ml bottle the bottle would be classed as 1000mg Cbd oil. If you put the same 1ml of paste into a 30ml bottle it will still be 1000mg but the contents wont be as strong. Even though they are both 1000mg the 10ml is 3 times stronger per ml. So if you have pure Cbd oil paste it would be 10 times stronger than the 10ml bottled oil. So on a strength bases Cbd paste/extract is the strongest and purest .

The best quality pure Cbd

A simplest test for purity is to judge the paste on colour. Dark black implies a simple cheap extraction. Aim for golden extracts this implies a good filtration process and is the easiest way to judge purity.

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